Thursday, October 1, 2009

Video Games On Race!!

After reviewing the video game UFC UNDISPUTED, for a violent fighting game it was rated teen, which for me is bit disturb due to the fact teen violence rate is growing in a very fast pace. To get a better info on this game, i went to which is a site on video games news and reviews on your favorite games. Well, what i noticed on the game were the audience on the background they were all white characters. Also, to market the game better the website promote the game by having the strong black guy fighting against a latin guy and of course having the black guy winning. Watching this made me think the black and white battle has become almost as an amusing for many as to a cock fight!!
During class discussion on wed, i was wondering about if the game creator really intentionally think about of putting the white characters as a majority or is that something they just do unconscious??!! To me is a very scary idea that games creator and the media are purposely trying to exclude the minority!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


I had a really great time with the class on our field trip to the movies, we should defiantly do this more often. Now regarding the movie Gamer, wow what a movie!! It just says so much about our present society, that it made me wonder if there is really a mastermind person controlling what we do on our daily lives. Now the one thing that really got my attention on this movie was the black guy character, how interesting that he was the only person in the game that did not need to be controlled. And more interesting is that he was described as the mean, unstoppable killer machine. So is the film telling the audience that most black men are strong , scary, killing machine?? Wow what a message we are sending across..!! Also, I love how the movie brought the suggestive theme of having one person controlling the world by using video game methods.
The only think i did not like of course was the graphic killing scenes, that was horrible, i actually had nightmares but other than that it was a great movie!! I want to see it again...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the culture of power

I believe the culture of power is an issue we should always be discussing about because it seems like society is just burying and covering up each day. The culture of power it is a game of the majority rule but I think as minority we are able to change that by pushing ourselves to the limits and entering that world. I think by far is our fault we are the one giving power to the majority. We are letting them win each time by not raising our hands higher, by not educating ourselves, and by not applying for the front desk or manager positing because we think we are not capable or we are too self-conscious to think we are not good enough or “pretty enough” by standard. Segregation by law is over but it seems we are still segregating ourselves by not integrating with other cultures or by not wanting to learn about other culture background. I think we analyzed enough the issue that white male is in power and blah blah blah, so lets stop looking at the problem so much and lets start resolving by taking ourselves out of our own circle and merge into other people circles.

As a black Latin coming from different ethnic background and please let me say this I hate labeling myself as a color or as background I just want to people to know my name is dara and I’m cool person. I notice when I first talk to people and they hear my accent the first thing i see on their facial expression is them figuring out what category they are trying to put me under so they can know how to approach or treat me. Heloooo, I am not a product or an alien!!! I am a Human Being!!